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Each Moment We're Alive relies upon a large group of dedicated volunteers to help us accomplish our mission. Volunteers support us in a variety of ways,  from fundraising,  event planning, social media and to serve on our board of directors. Whatever talent you can offer, we will make every effort to work within your areas of interest and strengths.

Can we count on you ?

Give the gift that helps women globally get the support they deserve when so many of them are still in isolation due to Covid-19. Your gift helps fill the void of loneliness that support groups offer. 
By Mail
Each Moment We're Alive, Inc
P.O. Box 651
West Springfield, MA  01089

Event Staffing

Our fundraiser give  financial resources to support the programs.EMWA relies on the varied skills and dedication of volunteers. The Canines Fur Cancer support walk in June, needs volunteers to assist with setup, registration, raffles, cleanup, photos and much more. Apply here.


Our fundraising events would not be successful without the help of volunteers who participate in gathering the raffle prizes, creating beautiful baskets, organizing the vendors, selling tickets and all the miscellaneous items.

Apply here


Board of Directors

EMWA seeks enthusiastic individuals who care about our organization, its participants, services, and community. Our non-profit board of directors is composed of volunteers who donate their time and expertise. to ensure our mission is fulfilled. apply here.

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