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Irvinia Scott-Robbins


Irvinia is a licensed social worker who was was diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer, specifically called Epithelial-Myoepithelial Carcinoma of her left major parotid gland; aka Parotid or Salivary Glandular Cancer. Still working on her "new normal"; vulnerable (or trying not to be so much), living with numerous daily post-operative and treatment side-effects; along and new metastasis of the original cancer in her lungs, esophagus and lymph nodes. Her ongoing supports, besides her husband Scott, are her faith, an ever-present sense of humor and support group Each Moment We're Alive. She joined the group shortly after finishing treatment in 2017 and was in the first Living A New Day (L.A.N.D.) program. She knew she needed help (due to self-harm & feeling unsafe)."Every day I wake in appreciation and seek joy." "No matter the aches, pains, 'ick's or sick's.'"I wake blessed. "I know God's not through with me yet, so I can't be." "He has things he wants me to do." "Being part of this group is part of God's to-do list for me..."

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