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Living A New Day - A New Norm

by Cindy Sheridan Murphy 

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This book has been designed to help cancer survivors feel like the best version of themselves and live a more purposeful life after their cancer diagnosis. It is based on the premise that life after cancer is not only different, but an opportunity for a journey of personal growth and empowerment that survivors can embark upon on their own or with loved ones.


With resources and musically inspirational ideas, this guide can act as a road map to help deal with the unknowns and what ifs of life with, during and after a cancer diagnosis. In this book, survivors are prompted to create a more mindful and meaningful life, by creating a new norm for living more fully in gratitude and acceptance for each moment we're alive! 



Meet my friend ... Debra Lynn Alt

Debra Lynn Alt is a lifelong songstress and writer focused on adding her voice to areas of life that could benefit from her art and expression. The former lead singer for The Rolling Stone Magazine House band, back in the late 70’s, now contributes songs and workshops and presentations for the support of causes such as autism, child abuse, Habitat for Humanity, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and more. 



Her current passion is inspiring and supporting cancer survivors and their loved ones through her, “Each Moment We’re Alive: A Musical and Photographic Story Inspired by Cancer Survivors,” a unique coffee table style gift book, combining art forms of Alt’s life affirming songwriting and award winning travel and nature photography by Monica Schwartz Baer. “Each Moment We Are Alive” has received abundant praise including an endorsement from self-help authority, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. A portion of proceeds from each sale is donated to cancer research and support. 


To learn more about Debra, request her performance for an event, view her upcoming schedule or learn more about “Each Moment We’re Alive,” visit

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