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Getting involved with us to support cancer survivors is rewarding whether you are a survivor, a corporation looking to make an impact, or an individual supporting the cause.


L.A.N.D Survivorship Program

The L.A.N.D. Survivorship Program is a guided program that helps individuals create positive outcomes for their future, by providing a step-by-step process, knowledge, and skills to thrive in a new normal after a cancer diagnosis.

Our program empowers individuals not only to survive but also to thrive, by offering valuable resources and strategies to live sustainably after their diagnosis, fulfilling a future beyond cancer.

Social and Support Groups

Our Zoom support groups provide a safe space for cancer survivors to connect and share experiences. We alternate between breast cancer and all women cancer groups on different Tuesday evenings, ensuring survivors have access to relevant resources and support.

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Employer Cancer Support 

Our employer cancer support program provides comprehensive support services for employees and employers throughout the entire process of diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation through our extensive network.


As a network for cancer support and survivors, we offer assistance throughout your journey. We are here to connect you with the resources you may need and support you every step of the way.

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