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By fostering a supportive community, we help survivors move past cancer and towards healing. Stay connected for inspiring stories and updates. 

Stories of Impact

After my breast cancer diagnosis,I didn't have anyone to talk to or get guidance. Other support groups ignored me. Gilda's club was the worst. Then I found this group and now have several ladies I am becoming friends with and even feel like family. This group has helped me more than I can say in this space. I highly recommend.

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Msmustang, 03/23/2023

My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 44. I met Cindy Murphy on a trip to Ireland in 2018. I felt I had know her my whole life! She was fun to be around, personable and energetic. It was not until some time later that I learned of her breast cancer ordeal and the breast cancer support group she runs - Each Moment We’re Alive. I shared with her my Mom’s journey and told her if I was ever diagnosed with breast cancer she would be one of the first three phone calls I would make. In the summer of 2021 I had to make that call. Cindy calmed my fears and took me step by step through the scariest time of my life. From a list of questions to ask the surgeon to navigating through all the technical jargon, Cindy was there guiding me and calming me. I can’t say enough about this angel of a women and the wonderful support group she runs. Until you hear that diagnosis you have no idea what that support will mean to you. Two or three months after I was diagnosed, one of my best friends was diagnosed. I was able to guide her through her journey because of the wonderful guidance I had received from Cindy and her support group. By the way, Mom lived to be 91, but she must have been so scared. I wish she had had the kind of support I got as she went through her own journey all those years ago.

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debbiehancock, 03/23/2023

I started going to the support groups while I was still receiving chemotherapy almost five years ago and continue to go to help others while they are going through their cancer journey. We are there for each other through the hard times and the good times as well. We have become not just cancers survivors in a group but have a developed friendships along the way. The best thing I have ever done for myself in a very long time was to join this organization.


flipfleury, 03/25/2023

This nonprofit is so helpful because it is run by a cancer survivor and Board of Directors, who have broad experience survivorship and community building.

Support group discussions are practical and supportive. Everyone's cancer story is valued. That is why women from all over the USA (and even abroad) come to this group, since it went virtual and accessible to those outside the physical western Massachusetts area.

Thank you, Cindy, for raising survivor visibility among the region and beyond, as well as bringing the survivor community together in real life fun activities.

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cgardner, 03/26/2023

I have found so much support, strength and compassion as a member of this group following my breast cancer diagnosis in 2019. Cindy, the facilitator and the other survivors have truly helped in my recovery and survivorship.

Each Moment We’re Alive has been there for me when some of my family and friends were not able to be there for me for various reasons, when I really needed them. I learned how to be an advocate for myself in dealing with challenging medical situations.

I am so grateful to be part of this group, I have learned so much from the other survivors and look forward to our time together. It’s reassuring to know that each week as my schedule permits, I can participate in the group gatherings by zoom.


ejcap4k, 03/23/2023

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2020. It was very difficult to go through cancer treatment during the pandemic since all support groups in person were canceled. I was able to join Cindy’s support group in October of that year while I was going through radiation. Cindy and the ladies were so welcoming, and truly understood what I was going through. Meeting Cindy and the rest of the ladies have definitely been the highlight of my cancer journey. It’s so nice to have new friends to share challenging experiences with especially when you know, they truly understand you. Even though my cancer treatment may be over I still find their friendship And support very important in my life.


survivor2020, 03/25/2023



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