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Companies supporting EMWA cancer support/wellness programs

Did you know?

As of January 2022, it is estimated that there are 18.1 million cancer survivors in the United States. This represents approximately 5.4% of the population. The number of cancer survivors is projected to increase by 24.4%, to 22.5 million, by 2032.

The US has the highest 5-year cancer survival rate in the world.

Cancer survivors struggle physically, mentally and emotionally long after treatment.

Many cancer survivors end up leaving their jobs, not because of cancer but from the lack of understanding and support they receive from their employers.

Employees who come to work with known medical conditions and who are not fully present cost employers more than $150 billion a year in the United States.

What If?

You could offer a comprehensive cancer support network for your employees.

EMWA proudly introduces

Employer Cancer Support Program

Program Summary

Recognizing that the relationship between employer and employee changes with the onset of cancer, EMWA provides a cancer support/wellness program for both the company through workshops and seminars, and its employees by providing support services as they cope with returning to work with ongoing, mental, physical, and emotional challenges.

Benefits to employees

Cancer Support Navigator

Phone-based supportive services provided by cancer survivors and trained coach/facilitators

L.A.N.D Surviorship Program

  • A personal, live 8-week guided support program

  • Small group (8-10) sessions

  • Facilitated by a cancer survivor and LCSW/LICSW

  • Individualized shared support

Weekly cancer support groups

  • Live or online support groups

  • All cancer type and cancer specific sessions

Resource guides and online support

  • Private Facebook groups

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Workshops

  • Worksheets/Book

Benefits to employers

Cancer Support Navigator

Phone-based supportive services to HR Staff provided by cancer survivors and trained coach


Employer Workshops/Training

Topics including surviving cancer - understanding what happens when the cancer is gone, and effective communications


  • Utilization reporting

  • Feedback

Other Support

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Online resources and information

The Cancer Support Program through phases


Cancer Support Navigator

Weekly Cancer Support Groups and Workshops

Resource Guides and Online Support

L.A.N.D Survivorship Program






Cancer Support Navigator

Employer/Workplace Training Workshops

Utilization Reporting

Online Support and Resources

Final words

We understand that a cancer diagnosis can change the dynamics of the employer/employee relationship. That's why we offer cancer support and wellness programs not just for employees, but also for the company through workshops and seminars. While employers and their associated health plans provide for cancer treatment, our comprehensive support services help employees navigate the mental, physical, and emotional challenges of returning to work after a cancer diagnosis.

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