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Meet Cindy Sheridan Murphy

YUP, That's me ... 9 years ago. ​


I am a wife, A mom, A Sports Coach, A dental hygienist, and A cancer support facilitator. Until I was diagnosed for the second time with breast cancer in 2014, I never envisioned my years of experience in coaching sports and coaching good dental health would lead me on this journey. God was trying to talk to me, slow me down to listen.

I believe this happened so I could become intimate with my creator. In my drive to find music for a silent video I was making, I was guided to Debra Lyn Alt.  We bonded from the start and she has become the voice behind my message.

My motto is “Coaching from the inside out”. I am grateful for Monica ( see below) for leading the way and trusting me to continue supporting women to  Live Each Moment We're Alive. Cancer is something that happens to you - It does not define who you are!



Out Running Cancer

I was selected as one of the 59 women who have their name on a pair of Kevin Durants sneakers & they are sending me my own pair. Thank you Keven Durant - Listen to his youtube video  My sneakers arrived this week & I am so excited!! I will wear them at the 3/9/19 Pink in the Rink event.

More about me


West Springfield resident Cynthia Sheridan Murphy spent 13 months being treated for triple-negative breast cancer, and now works as an empowerment coach helping other women on similar journeys...

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Surpassing Survival 22.jpg

The cancer survivor group Survivor Journeys arranged a pleasurable afternoon for 50 cancer survivors at the Obsessions Beauty Salon in East Longmeadow. The Surpassing Survival day is the brainchild of cancer survivor Cindy Sheridan-Murphy of West Springfield...

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Joe Kane and Cindy Sheridan Murphy from the Cancer House of Hope have more information for us. Their 8-week intra-active workshop is based on the premise that life after a cancer diagnosis is simply different but you can not only survive but thrive in the “new” norm...

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