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Purpose of the L.A.N.D. Survivorship Program

I see this book and guidebook as a vehicle for learning new skills and applying what I’ve learned to help others not only get through but grow and add new meaning to our newly altered lives, otherwise referred to as “Just not the same”.


I was always considered healthy.  I was a tri-athlete, I was a runner. I was a coach. But I could not out swim. I could not out bike. I could not out run cancer. My mission is not to just survive, but THRIVE.  I thrive by finding a vision!  I thrive by being visible.  I thrive by having value in each day and I want this for all of you.


Write down your goals for this workshop in your journal.  Here are some ideas, but feel free to come up with your own! You could spend one minute in silence each day to simply be calm and listen for Jesus’s voice. Write the word “joy” on a card and tape it to your bathroom mirror. Or read one chapter from the Gospels every morning.


Jesus, open my eyes and my heart so that I may recognize when I am encountering you.


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