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Lindsay Baer


Lindsay Baer holds a Bachelor's degree from Northeastern University and a Master’s degree from Columbia University. She is a content designer at IBM and has over 10 years of experience working in education, design, and nonprofit management.


In the early 2010s her mom, Monica Baer, a stage four cancer patient, and her dear friend Debra Lynn Alt published a book called Each Moment We're Alive, which contained Monica’s photography and Debra's
inspirational lyrics about the cancer journey. Since her passing, Each Moment We're Alive has blossomed into something way beyond what Monica could have ever envisioned, and her love and dedication to helping others live on through this program.


Lindsay is inspired to give back thanks to her mother and has served in the past as a chairperson for the Manhattan Relay for Life and is involved with her local Mutual Aid group.

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