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YUP, That's me ... 7 years ago. 

I am a wife, A mom, A Sports Coach, A dental hygienist and A cancer support facilitator. Until I was diagnosed for the second time with breast cancer in 2014, I never envisioned my years of experience in coaching sports and coaching good dental health would lead me on this journey. God was trying to talk to me, slow me down to listen.

I believe this happened so I could become intimate with my creator. In my drive to find music for a silent video I was making, I was guided to Debra Lyn Alt.  We bonded from the start and she has become the voice behind my message.


My motto is “Coaching from the inside out”. I am grateful for Monica ( see below) for leading the way and trusting me to continue supporting women to  Live Each Moment We're Alive.

                                                        xox Cindy 

PS Cancer is something that happens to you - It does not define who you are!

Meet Cindy Sheridan Murphy
November 3, 2019
Western Mass News Photo

AGAWAM, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - It was a day of pampering for cancer survivors in Agawam.

More than fifty women came out to Tres Chic Salon.

"We're women empowering women to move beyond cancer," Cindy Sheridan-Murphy, founder of the organization 'Each Moment We are Alive', tells us.

Hair and makeup are just some of the things Cindy Sheridan-Murphy says could help distract women who are battling cancer.

"Letting them just feel that they don’t have cancer for a day. Just forget about cancer. It's not in our lives today," continued Sheridan-Murphy.

She is the founder of 'Each Moment We are Alive', an organization she created after battling breast cancer twice.

"What I found, in my own journey with cancer, is that there isn’t much offering for after support for survivorship, so what I was looking for was what do we do when we're done with treatments, your doctor's appointments are done, your family, your friends have gone back to their regular lives, and you're left feeling just not right," explained Sheridan-Murphy.

She teamed up with Tres Chic Salon and Day Spa in Agawam.

The owner says she jumped at the chance to host the event, because she too knows what it is like to have cancer.

"It just warms my heart, because I'm a survivor twice from leukemia and to make a smile for someone, I got goosebumps," Maryann Zicolella, the owner of Tres Chic Salon and Day Spa, says.

The manager of the salon, Christina Radcliffe, tells Western Mass News the women were able to choose two services free of charge.

Some had their makeup done while others had a scalp massage, including...

"How to either work with your wig or blow dry the hair that is growing back on your head from cancer treatments," stated Radcliffe.

Diane Wilson was diagnosed with cancer three months ago.

She says the event has a big impact.

"It means a lot of support, a lot of love, compassion. People don’t know what we go through as cancer survivors and while we're doing treatment," added Wilson.

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UPDATE 3/5/2019 EMWA Cindy Sheridan Murphy  I was selected as one of the 59 women who have their name on a pair of Kevin Durants sneakers & they are sending me my own pair. Thank you Keven Durant - Listen to his youtube video  My sneakers arrived this week & I am so excited!! I will wear them at the 3/9/19 Pink in the Rink event. View my reaction when I was unboxing the shoes on Facebook HERE 

Cancer Survivor as Mentor

Posted on January 16, 2018 by Brian /  Cancer House of Hope 


Someone who serves as a trusted counselor or coach to someone less experienced is called a mentor.

In the worlds of business, academics and science, professional mentors serve as practical guides or tutors to those entering the field. Adult mentors serve as engaged role models to children in clubs and organizations. There’s a lesser known yet highly valued kind of mentor: one cancer survivor supporting another.

Cindy Sheridan Murphy is a cancer survivor and volunteer for CHD Cancer House of Hope in West Springfield. “I’ve been a cancer survivor for three years,” she said. “It’s my second bout with cancer and the first time I never sought out any support services, but I learned that no matter what stage you’re in, it’s important to seek that support. And, in my case, to provide it.”

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