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Winter is a reminder to all of us-like nature-life is cyclical. Nothing is forever, not even our darkest moments. Winter is not just a time of year but the times in our life when we feel “ out in the cold.” It can occur anytime of the year but especially after a loss. We have experienced such a loss in our Each Moment We’re Alive / Circle of Angels family with the passing of 4 beautiful women in our group since last March. Lisa, Joan, Susan and most recently this week Mary have all lost their battle with cancer. They were strong, vibrant, loving women who fought so hard to live. They were taken much too soon but they have forever touched our hearts. Not only did Covid descend upon us this year but the loss of our friends hangs likea dark cloud upon us. “Wintering” can be done anytime of the year but it is especially relevant to talk about right now as I watch it snowing outside. We can use this time to deal with all of the emotions we are feeling right now sadness, anger, fear, loneliness. These feelings are all normal at this time and by allowing yourself to be vulnerable and deal with these emotions is not weakness but strength. This is a time to recharge and reset. Even in a time of darkness and cold we can guide ourselves back toward the light and feel the warmth again on our faces. We will never forget our beautiful sisters and will always remember their strength, warmth, laughter and of course their smiles. By continuing our mission of women helping women through their own cancer journey is the best way to honor Mary, Susan, Joan and Lisa.

Stay strong Angels…Spring is coming

With Gratitude Joanne Leary-Beaudry


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