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I begin every morning with a daily motivator. On July 20, I read this quote "There is something you can do today that will move your life in a positive direction. Though you may not fully reach your goal today,you absolutely can reach toward it." Hmmm, pretty interesting since less then one month earlier I found a lump in my breast bigger then a golf ball. After numerous test, I had to process the words "You have breast cancer"

So where do you go from there ? I chose to focus on all that I have and turn it into something positive. A few years ago, I began working with coachable individuals with charting a path to a healthier future, overcome barriers and successfully reaching their weight goals. This began Murphs Magic. I now have the inspiration from my husband and kids to go strong. The next few months may be a bit difficult but we are still running strong and their faith in me makes me stronger. So "What can you do today that will move your life in a positive direction ?"

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