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Happy 8 Year Cancer-versary to ME & Happy Retirement to Dr. Deborah Katz

Happy 8 Year Cancer-versary to me AND Happy Retirement to Dr. Deborah Katz.

I met my oncologist, Dr. Deborah Katz for the first time 8 years ago. She explained that the tumor was triple negative and although I had surgery to remove the 8cm tumor (the size of an orange) I had triple negative breast cancer with lymph node involvement. Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a rare cancer that affects about 13 in 100,000 women each year. It’s one of the most challenging breast cancers to treat.

Dr. Katz ran down the path of my treatment: chemotherapy then 30 radiation treatments followed by reconstruction.

I sat there frozen with fear and she knew it. She spent time explaining my treatment options in detail. She was firm. Her honesty and straight forwardness reassured me I was in good hands.

For the next 6 years, although I dreaded the bi-yearly checkups, I enjoyed our conversations. She told me after treatment were complete, she finally got to meet the true me. We discussed health, family and the struggles of returning to life post cancer. I shared my vision of creating after support programs for women when they were done with their doctor appointments. I thank her for all her encouragement.

Having an oncologist and medical care team you trust is huge. It is not all about the location, but the person. One of the favorite sayings many women quote Dr Katz in our Each Moment We’re Alive support group is when you whined she would tell you “Put On Your Big Girl Panties” Having Dr. Katz as my oncologist was one of the blessing I found in having cancer.

Best wishes on your retirement ! I am in good hands.

With Gratitude,



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