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This letter was written ONE year ago after my second round of chemotherapy. I was bald, yet hopeful. This is my emotional letter to myself while having no idea what my future would bring – especially the part of Motives Cosmetics™ – I went on to create a silent video for them to be aired this month.

Dear Cindy, 10.18.2014

Here we sit again having a new conversation. I want to thank you for your courageous fight you so bravely battled and conquered. You cried a lot; but that was the feminine side of you people love and were missing. You had become so sad so I congratulate you on having faith in God and accepting this path. Your determination to find the purpose in all this is finally revealing itself. Your hair looks beautiful ! You are back on the course you began when you met Dan and Your Ashley is back! Tyler is so happy with his choices. You have two wonderful kids and although they didn’t follow the paths of many of their friends; isn’t this what you’ve taught them? To be independent; just like you ! Your boldness and documentary on your cancer treatments has led you to public speaking. You talk about your journey with many others; while teaching women to feel beautiful with MOTIVES Cosmetics.™ Your confidence soars and you have learned to live without cancer as your crutch. I love you for this. thank you for creating the future you, Dan, Ashley & Tyler deserve.

I love you,


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