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6 Year Cancer-Versary

Happy 6 Year Cancer-versary to ME! Having this pandemic hit has reminded me of some of the things I was feeling when I was first diagnosed with cancer. One day I was running 5K’s, working, socializing and relaxing, then BAM ! Suddenly I was home all the time, stopped working, stopped going to the gym, and basically was isolated from everyone and everything. For me and the ladies I love and support on this journey, it’s been especially tough. The fear, anxiety and uncertainty of the future of this pandemic doesn’t feel a whole lot different than that which i have felt with cancer..

In this weeks’ support group, we talked about gratitude. It occurred to me that it was the perfect topic to bring up on my 6 year anniversary of survivorship. I came up with the top 6 things that both Cancer and Covid have taught me:

  1. Cancer reminded me of what is Important.

  2. Cancer encouraged me to slow down.

  3. Cancer taught me to lean on others and trust more.

  4. Cancer asked me an important question "Was I living a life of Purpose"?

  5. Cancer gave me a crash course in developing problem solving skills and coping strategies.

  6. Cancer opened up the windows of my soul to God and taught me that every moment counts.

Between dealing with cancer and Covid 19, I have discovered many blessings along the way. Instead of focusing on anxiety, fear or angry I am motivated to keep fighting, get better, appreciate every single day and help as many women as I possibly can along the way. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful new community. We have laughed, cried and cursed and vented our frustrations together. Most importantly, we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. So once again this year I affirm my gratitude for the scars. For wIthout them I wouldn't know your heart and how deep and how far your love for me goes. And for that I am truly grateful.

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