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Bring on the Anxiety ! Just because Cancer itself doesn't offer enough challenges.

First there is the diagnosis, followed by the physical and emotional strains of surgeries, chemotherapy, HAIR LOSS, radiation therapy, another surgery and finally money. You cannot afford to be out of work during treatments but you also cannot physically work. Wouldn't it be great to have a financial fairy godmother to swoop down and take care of you during treatments?

In reality I shouldn't get anxious about the bills, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, my kids, family or even working, but I still do. Add this to my upcoming surgery. It's not likely I will relax in the next few days but for tonight I will leave you with something the secretary who works with my daughter passed onto me “Just think, It’s the surgery all the movie stars get”! How can you hold onto anxiety after a statement like that. I guess its all about your perspective.

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