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Team work makes the dream work. We’ve all heard this phrase but what does that mean? For me, it comes with change. Cancer changes your life “Forever”. You become an improved version of yourself. Exercising routines at the gym, running, weight training now changed to walking with friends and “paddling” with the Dragon Rays of the Pioneer Valley Rowing Club.

Dragon Rays are more than just paddling. It is community involvement! I couldn’t sum it better then my teammate did about Team work.

“This great Dragon Boat Team of ours offers us so much more than paddling, exercise, and a view on the CT river….it offers us friendship, an understanding that each and every one of us had gone through “something” and/or is still going through “something” be it Cancer, recovery, family issues, the list goes on. It’s a place where we forget what troubles us, join together, and laugh, paddle, and sweat!

We need each other, we’ve come together some how some way….and it was meant to be. We are more than a team–we are a family. We welcome, accept, and cheer each other on be in good times and bad. I can’t imagine my life without the Dragon Rays. And, I’m sure others feel the same.” Gail

One Boat – One Heart Beat


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