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I was recently asked “what inspired me to start “Thrive Through Cancer with Cindy” I realized after my second bout with breast cancer, so many people had advice but it didn’t always resonate with me, actually many of them did not go through cancer and I got irritated. I kept a journal and blog during my year of treatments which helped me communicate what I needed and felt. BUT It was your support and concerns that kept me writing. This following post is from Shelly Melton, who so bravely shares her photo and expresses so much of the same feelings I have. I couldn’t say it better.

“A year ago today I had a purple X marked on my right breast, I pulled the sheet over my head and cried. I have to admit that the last year has been even worse than I expected. But it has also been so much better than expected. As I come to the one year mark, and as we come to October and “breast cancer awareness month” I wanted to share the reality of this disease. This was taken during chemo, so I actually look worse than this with scarring and burns from radiation. I don’t know if I’ll ever hear “you’re cancer free”, but I’m still standing, and I’ll keep fighting.”

Shelly shared this with the support of her daughters. I share this with the support of my husband and to show Shelly’s courageous photo and the real reason behind the pink ribbons. I conclude by saying, I have been fortunate to find the courage, strength and faith I needed to get through this year. My vision is to help as many women as possible to not feel alone. Feel free to subscribe and share my 10 step guide to nourish yourself through cancer or LETS TALK, so we can all educate each other.

Love – Patience – Serenity


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