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Eileen Kaplan, Cindy, Debra Alt

Written by Debra Lynn Alt “We gather, plan and cultivate our resources as women do who love honor and respect each other. Eileen Kaplan, on the left, was joking in high spirits about what she calls the sniper attached to her waist intermittently shooting shots of chemicals designed to kill her cancer. Cindy Sheridan Murphy, in the middle, is commiserating with a sweetness that blasts you with love with her glorious smile, having recently recovered from her surgery which she plans on being her last, designed to eradicate the residual discomfort from her mastectomy. Myself on the right, humbled by their love and gratitude, continue to marvel at the opportunity I have to honor my parents and my friend Monica and all those I lost to cancer, by forming this trio of women. Together we are passionately planning whatever we can to present a front of desire to share our journeys and our gifts to inspire connection, hope and a camaraderie that excludes no one.”

Come laugh, cry and rejoice us, but mostly leave empowered by our workshops together.

Much Love and Gratitude


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