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Singer/ Songwriter and Thriving Through Cancer Coach MEET!

In August 2015 I was driven to find the music behind my story for a silent video I was making to share with Motives Cosmetics ™ cancer awareness campaign. Motives cosmetics™ is one of the specialty division of Market America™ and adding music was optional. When my friend , Liz , connected me with Debra Alt, singer and songwriter of “Each Moment We’re Alive” I contacted Debra because the words of her song were so powerful and it resonated with me. Our friendship grew overnight. Is it serendipitous ?

The video i did with the help of my husband (wish we saved the “Bloopers”) features my journey through this past year with breast cancer and how to not just survive but to THRIVE. I felt “Debra become the voice behind my story” Debra’s CD/book offers inspiration to those facing cancer with a portion of the proceeds going to Cancer research and fundraising organizations.

As I begin working with women in family to not just survive through cancer but THRIVE, Debra’s song and book have become something she is very passionate about promoting. “We all want to find a cure to cancer. As I help people who are affected with cancer and guide them through coaching, using Debra’s book/cd just makes sense”

My THRIVE program is a program where I take the foundation of my 10 step guide to nourish yourself through cancer and co-create and customize a routine that is easily integrated into a cancer survivors life so that they can truly experience what it’s like to not just survive cancer but THRIVE. I remember what it was like……

Grab your FREE guide here or on my website and share with others.

Debra and I are ready to present our story and collaboration with my speaking, videos and Debras music to inspire and educate. Thank God for being so gracious with my recovery and teaching me how to ‘Live Each Moment We’re Alive

To Our Health


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