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I have been hearing about Chemo brain ever since I had my own treatments for breast cancer. I didn’t think it pertained to me until lately. As I try remember events of this past year or even now, I often find myself in a mental fog, and have trouble remember details like names, dates and events. I cannot multi-task like I used to and find myself more disorganized and taking longer to complete simple projects. Today, I came across a post about 10 Things Cancer Survivors Want You to Know About Chemo Brain. I had cancer blog put it so perfectly, I felt like it was in my words:

  1. Chemo brain is real.I don’t care if my doctor doesn’t say so.

  2. I’m not just using it as an excuse.Trust me, I don’t WANT to forget things.

  3. I am not crazy & I am not exaggerating.I’m being honest.

  4. It feels as if you’re wearing a cap on your head that’s made of fog. And it’s impossible to remove

  5. My least favorite words are now, “You already told me that.”You don’t realize it, but it is so embarrassing to hear that.

  6. I really need you to be patient with me.I know you want to snap at me but please don’t.

  7. It’s not funny, it’s terrifying. You may laugh at first but after a while there is no joke anymore.

  8. Chemo brain can last for years.Yeah, so we have to find a way to get used to it.

  9. Being forgetful doesn’t mean I’ve lost my intelligence. So please don’t talk to me as if I won’t understand.

  10. Trust me, it’s more frustrating for me than it is for you.I know it’s annoying to repeat yourself but imagine if you were me.

Fortunately, chemo brain is not life threatening, I am not alone and this is only an inconvenience. Love you all…


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